Prices and Payment Options

Price guide for treatment which is not on the PLAN or NHS
We offer financing options with 11 months 0% APR

Routine Treatment Price
New patient Exam (Including X-rays) £93
Existing Patient Exam £55
X-ray £8
Emergency Appointment £93
Hygiene Appointment £70
Periodontal Therapy from £150
Fillings Price
Single surface white composite filling from £165
Multi surface white composite filling from £220
Amalgam Metallic Filling £110
Simple Glass Ionomer filling £110
Core Build Up from £275
Crowns Price
Full Metal Crown £495
Porcelain Bonded Crown £625
Ceramic Crown (Front Tooth) from £880
Ceramic Crown (Back Tooth) from £750
Bridges Price
Bonded/Sticky/Maryland Bridge £625 per unit.
Porcelain Bonded Bridge £625 per unit.
* a unit is each tooth involved in the bridge.
Root Canal Treatments Price
Single Root/ Front Tooth from £360
Molar Root Canal from £660
Re-Root Canal Filling for Single Root Front Tooth from £300
Core build up from £250
Endodontist - Front tooth from £650
Endodontist - Molar from £850
Extractions Price
Single root front tooth extraction from £150
Molar Extraction from £250
Complex or Surgical Extraction from £385
Implants Price
Implant and Crown from £3300
Bone Grafting from £500
Dentures Price
Partial Acrylic Denture (Less than 6 teeth) from £600
Partial Acrylic Denture (6 teeth or more) from £900
Flexi Denture (Less than 4 teeth) from £1100
Flexi Denture (4 teeth or more) from £1500
Cobalt Chrome Denture from £2000
Denture Reline/ Repair from £150