Teeth that have broken down or decayed to below the gum level are sometimes in such a position where any kind of fillings or restoration will not be able to repair the tooth. In these cases extraction (removal of the tooth) is an option to consider.


In some cases here the tooth has broken too far below the gum line it may be necessary to cut into the gum and surgically remove some bone to be able to access the broken tooth.

If this is likely your dentist will discuss options with you.

Often in cases such as these and cases where the tooth is hard to reach or far at the back it may be necessary to have a specialist referral for treatment.

Extraction Prices

Extractions Price
Single root front tooth extraction
from £150
Molar Extraction from £250
Complex or Surgical Extraction from £385

Prosthetic options to replace missing teeth after extraction

The biggest downside of having an extraction is of course you lose the tooth that was once in the space. Depending on where the tooth is this can be quite tolerable and not really cause any problems. However in many cases a gap with no tooth in it can lead to the other teeth drifting, and imbalances in the bite which can manifest later as other problems. Often after an extraction it is best to wait for bone and gum healing before deciding on a prosthetic to make sure that it fits with the gums in the most aesthetic way. The three main prosthetic options are listed below.


Dentures are removable prosthesis which are most cost effective of the three options, particularly when it comes to replacing multiple teeth.


Bridges are good for replacing single missing teeth when the teeth. A  disadvantage is that the adjacent teeth need to be “filed down” for support.


Implants involve surgically placing a titanium screw into the site where the tooth used to be.

After allowing healing a crown can then be made and placed on the screw.