Dentures are a removable prosthetic that can be used to replace missing teeth. The main alternatives for dentures might be:


The benefit of the denture is that it is generally a very non invasive treatment compared to the other options for prosthesis.

Different Denture Options

Denture Advantages Disadvantages
  • Aesthetic, the denture base is same colour as gums.
  • Cost effective, cheapest denture option.
  • Easy to repair and modify if there are any changes.
  • Harder to keep clean around the margins.
  • Can be bulky and thick material.
  • Tend to break more easily.
  • Least Retention
Cobalt Chrome
  • Thinner and more hard wearing.
  • Easier to keep clean around gum margins.
  • Metal colour and clasps can be unsightly.
  • Heavier, some people do not like the weight.
  • Harder to make additions and changes to.
Flexi Denture
  • Optimal retention because of flexible clasps holding it in place.
  • Optimal aesthetics the thin flexible light material blends in nicely.
  • More comfortable because of their flexibility.
  • Cannot be altered such as adding more teeth.
  • Cannot be relined to adjust fit.
  • More expensive.

Starting Prices for Dentures

Dentures Price
Partial Acrylic Denture (Less than 6 teeth) from £600
Partial Acrylic Denture (6 teeth or more) from £900
Flexi Denture (Less than 4 teeth) from £1100
Flexi Denture (4 teeth or more) from £1500
Cobalt Chrome Denture from £2000
Denture Reline/ Repair from £150