Stain Removal / Air Flow

Stain removal / Air flow polishing is a great addition to a hygiene visit as it helps to target the stubborn hard to reach stains.

  • Airflow might lighten the shade of the tooth without the need for whitening.
  • Airflow will make the surface of the tooth alot smoother so it is not only shiny, but harder for plaque to attach to your teeth.


Why might I want stain removal?

Extrinsic staining is primarily caused by foods and beverages.

  • Smoking is a number one contributor to extrinsic staining.
  • Red wine, Tea and Coffee can stain teeth.
  • Turmeric as a spice in food can stain teeth.

Airflow is normally done as an addition to a routine hygiene visit.

For an additional £40 you can add airflow to your hygiene vist.

Ask your dentist about it today.

Hygiene + Airflow : £100